About Me

MY nAME iS KAYNE, I aM 17 yEARS oLD aND hAVE a pASSION fOR dESIGNING aND vIDEO EDITING mOSTLY rELATED tO sPORTS. I have 4 years of experience with photoshop, 1,5 years of experience in sportdesign and 2,5 years of experience in video editing.

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my key Features

THREE things, that are important for me in my style.



Passion, I always try to show as much passion of the people/players as possible in the designs and video edits I make.



Quality is very important in my style because details make the difference in my designs.



Why clean? I always like to keep the designs and video edits I make a little clean so it’s nice to look at and not too distracting.


Happy Clients

We always want our clients to be happy with their endproduct!

Amazing Experience

KayneKVisuals stands for professionalism, quality and topicality. He helped ensure that we were able to deliver quality to our followers on our social channels from the start.

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Niels Z.

CO-FOUNDER, 1908.nl


Our Team

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Kayne Kroeze